Friday, July 11, 2008


This summer, I feel has been a summer of memories. Not being able to go to Kerala as I do yearly, I ended up doing nothing but going to tuition, watching lots of T.V and reading a book once in a while.

Two movies released this summer that reminded me of a younger me. One that hasn’t been seen in a while... Both Indiana Jones and Prince Caspian reminded me of those days when life was carefree and holiday homework was the only worry… Ahh, how I long for those days again.

Seeing Harrison Ford once again in action reminded me of a time when my dad would rent an Indiana Jones video tape as a special treat for doing well in class or as a surprise, and all four of us would sit and watch it with glee. My favourite one had to be Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark. Every time he would ask me which movie to rent, I would point at that very familiar tape, and every time we would rent that I would sit on his lap, eat banana chips and watch the movie with a kind of eagerness that can only be mustered by a young child playing his favourite game with his favourite opponent. Those were the days! Though the movie that just released wasn’t even close to the standards of that old one, it was those memories that held me through. The feeling of my dad’s voice as he repeated the oft told story of him seeing the movie in the theatre as a young boy, and the shady popcorn dealer and other stories. The tears of reminiscence dripped down my face as I watched the movie. Now that I think about it, I wonder what the people around me must have thought of me… It makes me wonder and laugh at myself and the time that has passed by.

A movie is never as good as the book. This phrase is so common that I can easily say I am sick of it; yet I am in total agreement with it. There are barely a few exceptions to this rule and Prince Caspian is not one of them; or so I felt. I am not going to critique the movie as people far more experienced have already passed their verdict. All I am trying to do with that movie is make a memory. I remember reading Narnia when I was younger, under the bed covers with torchlight. I remember all things I used to have to give my sister to make sure she wouldn’t tell of my nightly trysts where the centaurs and Minotaurs came alive, where the trees would dance and the animals would talk and when Aslan shook his head… Spring would come. All the dreams of childhood now fade as they come alive on the screen and I feel sad for the loss of them and the loss of those younger to me who will not be able to experience as I did the magic of CS Lewis’ writing. I feel that once a picture related to an object or person has been put into your head, you will visualise that object like it has been shown. Children will loose their power to imagine… their power to dream. It will be the loss of their childhood.

As I type these words, I remember what my mum used to say when I was younger. She used to tell us about the comics and the books that they used to read which are available no longer. Most have them have become obsolete, and some of them have been converted to movies or series. Though she mourns for our loss, I don’t think any of us has come out with a blocked imagination. So, I believe, that somewhere along the way there will be a saviour who will bring out our imagination and bring to life a generation just like a few writers have brought us up.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


1. Last movie seen in a theatre:

Chronicles of narnia : Prince Caspian…
I love the books, simply had to see the movie!! XD About the movie, I have nothing much to say!!!

2. What book are you reading?

Was reading A Thousand Splendid Suns(again) for my book report!!!

3. Favourite board game:

Scrabble, it’s the only board game I ever tolerated!!

4. Favourite magazine:

Reader’s Digest…!!

5. Favourite smells:

The smell of soil after the first rain of the season; petrol pump fresh jasmines early in the morning; the smell of the forest!! :P

6. Favourite sound:

The sound of the clicking of the ipod when you move the wheel thing!! LORL’!!

8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

Totally depends on what I was thinking of when I fell asleep.. and that I am not telling…!! ;)

9. Favourite fast food place:

I’m not a very fast food person…!!!

10. Future child’s name:

What will I think off when I have the kid, if I think about the names abhi se hi?!!!! XD XD

11. Finish this statement, “If I had a lot of money I’d…” :

I’d first fill the pool of my new penthouse with money and then swim in it while thinking of what I would with the money…!! :p XD

.12. Do you drive fast?

Don’t have a license but if I did I would prolly be a very careful driver unless circumstances force me otherwise!!

13. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

Not at all… No stuffed animals anywhere near me… No siree.. Definitely not… How could someone even ask such a question…

14. Do you eat the stems on broccoli?

NO! I like the top flowery part though!!!

15. Storms - Cool or Scary?

Cool!!!!!!! I like all forms of calamity!!! XD As long as nobody gets hurt of course….

16. If you could dye your hair any colour, what would be your choice?

Dying is a sad thing to do to make one self look cool… XD

17. Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in:


18. Favourite sports to watch:

I don’t like sports, maybe it has something to do with my complete lack of hand-eye coordination… Maybe, just maybe…

19. One nice thing about the person who sent this to you:

Radhika: my bus buddy, my hmm buddy, my trio buddy, aaaaaa and so many other buddies also!!! XD

20. What’s under your bed?

Is there supposed to be anything under m bed??!!! Other than the dust bunnies and the monster??!!

21. Would you like to be born as yourself again?

Yes please!!!

22. Morning person or night owl?

Morning person!!

23. Over easy or sunny side up?

Sunny side up!!!! XD

24. Favourite place to relax:

My house, my second house, umm most of my relatives house!!! Sadhvi’s house!!! XD

25.Favourite ice cream flavour:

Butterscotch!! Though I’m not supposed to eat ice cream!!! XD

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Results day after. That is all that my mind has been thinking of for the last Oh, so many hours, ever since I came to know of this fact, at least. And for every minute that I was not thinking of the upcoming doom, my mum was asking if I was under any sort of strain…. Sad, very sad and those who have gone through this torture will fully empathise.!

I was glad that the CBSE people had at least given out the date, now the asking and worrying relatives and friends (more worried than even I was!) could get their answer… the only problem was that I was getting tired of repeating the date 29 to each and every one of them. If my mum, dad or sister told them, it was just unacceptable; they had to hear it from my mouth. Most of the relatives were those to whom I hadn’t spoken in years and many I didn’t know at all… I really appreciated their wishes, prayers and blessings but it was an ordeal nonetheless. If this was the way they were going to treat the announcement for the date of the results, I wondered what they would do on D-day!! The good thing was that I had tuition for 4 hours that evening…! Who ever heard of being saved by tuitions?!! It was ironical! But I doubted that I would be saved by them either, in fact, due to the competitive nature of all these institutions, I would probably just be crushed by the number of 98 and 99 percenters. Disheartening and very very scary, it actually made me feel kinda insecure but who was I to say anything to anybody, so I kept my mouth shut. 2 more days of immense torture followed by 1 day of even more pain; then there would be some kind of calm or at least some kind of pseudo peace… It would probably make me more relaxed also, right now I was like a taut string, and anyone who dared to pull would get back a snap. My sibling and parents were avoiding me like the plague. It was sad. Now I knew how a leper would feel. Or maybe not (but kehne me kya jata hai?!!)

Why these tenth board results are important, I never understood. You get nothing from them except if you want to change your school, which I for one do not wish to do. It was totally unfair that for the sake of a few unsatisfied students (who would become unhappier still after the change) such a huge epidemic should cloud our days. We are in the age of innocence (don’t you dare) and we deserve to run around and play (if you….. death…bare hands…neck…). It makes me sad to see the suicide cases and the druggies and so on. They are not making a healthy world or a better world, they are making things worse. It’s disgusting. Children deserve to their lives back, their childhood back and all this cut-throat competition is just going to kill them. I personally feel they should be let free...

What a rant… look from where to where I’ve reached. Started from results and reached the innocence and childhood of children… ‘tis funny…’tis very very funny!!
Anyway All The Best to those who are expecting their results, my self included!!!
Don’t get yourself bitten by rabid dogs (I’ve heard hydrophobia is a bad thing!) stay away from moths and I have personally never liked touching cats, so stay away from them too!!! xD xD Enjoy!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


These days I’m getting pretty bored and so I shall be boring you guys about nothing in particular in my life…!

There is this series of books, Twilight series… I’ve decided to dedicate this post in it’s honour… (Spoiler warning, nobody say I didn’t tell you!!)

It’s the story of a vampire *subtle background music* and a girl *music getting louder* who fall in love *crescendo please* despite the fact that the thing he craves most is her blood. *Music ending with a lovely decrescendo* (for those not well versed with music and it’s terms, crescendo means gradual rise in volume and decrescendo is right the opposite)
Of course like most books it has a villain (the evil vampire who is desperate for her blood) but he comes way after half the first book is over.! He dies at the end of the first book and his revenge seeking girlfriend/wife/soul mate/light for eternity/something along those lines is the protagonist of the series in general. Though it is slightly melodramatic and cheesy, I can’t deny that to some extent it is quite cute.

A vampire that goes to school and has been doing so for the last 90 something years, one who along with his family has promised never to drink human blood; is quite intriguing and bring into the second part of the series their worst enemies: the werewolves, and we have a deal!! As we find that the beta of the werewolves happens to be our very own friendly human’s (Isabella Swan, Bella for short!) best friend, the Hindi movie associations become clearer!!

Our vampire goes on a short hiatus at the beginning of the second book leading to the entry and establishment of the best friend. Some dangerous sports, an assumed death and immense pain at separation leads our vampire (actually it was the assumed death of the little, frail human) to go to Italy to seek help from the rule makers (supposed) and keepers for the vampires to seek his very own death. Bella’s rushing into Italy and saving him along with a little help from his step sister brings about an almost happy ending.

Notice the almost, the epilogue is actually her getting grounded due to the fact that her police father is told of her motorcycle riding and the such by her (enemy) best bud!
The third book is by far the cheesiest and the one with the most amount of sun!

There is a proposal and she agrees to get married to the friendly vampire (not without a fight mind you!! :look: ) Anyway, at the end there is a fight between Victoria, the protagonist builds an army of strong but stupid baby vampires who nearly wipe out an entire town; and the good, virtuous vampires as well as the wolves. Finishing with the coming of the Volturi (Italian rulers) and a very senty confrontation with the best friend… It is quite a story.

Though I have given quite a sad synopsis of the story (missed out major segments that some will kill me for missing) it’s not so bad and I know many who would like it!! xD
Read if you want to but I would suggest only those who really and genuinely like love stories, read it; otherwise many will puke!! xD xD

Enjoy.! Also stay away from scary looking people and keep your chin up for the results!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Contingency Plans!!

Board results are getting nearer and nearer so I made a list of contingency plans in case of emergency (like last minute panic/failure/… and the such)

1. On the eve of the results, I shall take enough sleeping pills to make sure that I sleep through the entire day of excessive panic and the overzealous calls of even more overzealous relatives.

2. In the case of…ahem… sad results, I shall lock myself in the room and refuse to partake of any meal in silent protest against the injustice of the world and the sad CBSE checking system.

3. Or I shall dare to face the world and people shall see in my self-martyrdom how brave and strong I am (xD xD xD)

4. I shall go out of town for this week and return when there are no more new voicemails, emails and messages; showing that people have stopped bothering me!!

5. I shall start working young and study at night school because… *sniff sniff* I shall have no more face *sniff sniff* to show at *sniff sniff* school… *BHAIN*
(After mopping the floor)

6. I shall make weird contingency plans so that I can waste my time and not think about things such as board results (I wish…)

7. I shall listen to old Hindi and romantic English songs and read pointless/meaningless books with no substance whatsoever because I will probably end up housewife to a rather weird old man… *repeated sniffing and swearing in weird unknown languages*

8. I shall make sure that when I see the faces of those seniors and batch mates who have managed to cross the hallowed portals of good marks in the boards I shall bow before them and remember to ask God what I did or didn’t do that they did or didn’t do. (Did that make any sense? Cause it surely didn’t make much sense to me… XD)

9. I don’t how all this fits into contingency plans but I’ve decided that I shall pig out on chocolate cause they say that chocolate heals all wounds (or was that time? I really cannot think straight right now...)

10. I shall not look at my marks except for the first time after which I shall probably start crying…..

Those are 10 probable things I shall do in no particular order… If I was any creative mood I would definitely come up with more but I really had to write about something so here…….
So for this time’s advice, I suggest that people who do badly do not repeatedly stare at their marks and make contingency lists… there is always hope… and for those who do well, do not stare at your marks either… It’s rude to gloat!! xD xD!! Keep safe and try to stay as far away from fire as possible, people have a tendency to burn ‘parts’ of their body at times like these…!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My First Blog!

Ok so I randomly started reading blogs (a little push from Radhika, my bus chandalika buddy did help! xD) and I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t so bad!! I mean, it’s one thing to post your little personal black diary on the web and a wholly different thing to write a blog..! So I’m going to give this thing a try! This is a blog welcoming me into the world of blogging!
So far as I’ve seen, more than the art of writing, the art of blogging has a subtle originality that makes it different from just writing. It’s like poetry without the rhyming… art without the colors… dance without the movements… music without the notes..! The art of blogging is the prosaic way of writing.! The spirit may be lacking but the body is there(or is it the other way round?!!). Ah well, such complicated and philosophical thinking always makes me thirsty so I’m heading out for a drink, I will continue this blog in 10 minutes (just to let you know why I lost my flow!)

10 minutes later.
I’m back…ummm… now where did I leave off… Ah, yes… The subtle art of blogging.! When I was drinking my iced tea (kudos lee!) I realized that writing without the spirit(?) is like saying something without meaning it(which a lot of people do but, whatever.) which is a really bad thing so I’ve decided that I will blog my thoughts more than my writing and points of view more than what others think! This is now starting to make more sense to me than it earlier did and it is giving me some ideas!!!
I think for my first blog this has reached some decent size, also I don’t want to scare you guys with my rather intense thinking session so I’m going easy!!! xD xD xD
Till next time then!! Keep smiling and stay away from weird plants..!